sarah’s party & shelf life

It actually opened last night so a very belated toitoitoi!!! to dancers Sarah, Jay, Alison, Sascha and to choreographers Gala and Becky, and everyone else I’ve forgotten. I saw Shelf Life in rehearsal in January, and as I’ve come to expect from Gala it was deeply strange and loaded with exceedingly black humour. She has a sharp eye for acerbic wit and manages the often treacherous land between dance and acting with skill. Even so early in rehearsals she had come up with a strong and coherent series of vignettes that the dancers obviously enjoyed performing; I’m sad to not be there to see what it became.

Bare Bones are one of the most interesting groups I know of in Adelaide from my time there, I think they embody whatever it is about that city that causes an almost ceaseless flow of people making art and performance, they were over in Melbourne recently, but like most visiting artists no one hears anything, it’s all very quiet… If you’re in Adelaide, go and see Bare Bones.

Sarah’s Party (Tragic Mole)

Bare Bones

Set to the re-mixed sounds of INXS, this light-hearted, fast-paced dance theatre work explores those awkward, often retrospectively amusing, but sometimes isolating and even scarring social forays, that play a relentless role in shaping our emergence from youth to competent, functional adults. Come join the party… Choreographer (Sarah’s Party) – Rebecca Hilton

Shelf Life

Gala Moody

Based on “The far side” books, it gets under the skin of domesticity, the characters perform on and around a kitchen table, in Bold and the Beautiful meets Mother and Son style drama. Shelf life is a piece about suburban disjoint and forgotten lives, a family, like old preserves in a cupboard, slowly going stale. Choreographer (Shelf Life) – Gala Moody

— bare bones dance collective