doing stuff to me

Though it lingers in the caches of myriad anonymous server farms, I’ve deleted half of for good. My first website, all done in Flash, and evolved over time as I learned what I was doing, video and pictures, black and white minimalism is gone. Now it’s only the half-a-day hacked together skeletal html in monaco font and big dial-up hating background images.

When given a choice, everyone went for the static html version anyway, and I really didn’t like looking at the awful pick-and-choose index page, so much easier to just shift the whole thing up a folder level and make the site what is seen anyway.

Sometime I’ll get around to putting up a couple of other new works there, and maybe some more photos and video, though I like the spartan aspect of it now. Actually I’m thinking of just putting up the DVD of my my work to download, 6 gig of content. Anyway, I don’t even know why I mention it … blogging to fill the vacuum.