a bit of a test

I spent the morning upgrading my blog software to Movable Type 3.34, possibly a stupid move but it seemed like a good idea at the time. So I guess the absence or presence of this post will unequivocally indicate the success of said venture, and let me know just how much of staring-at-code I’ll be doing in the coming days.

The search is kind of working again, but I can’t find the template so instead you get ugly Movable Type default I-have-no-style style. I’m going to change to a different search engine though, as the MT one is like a neanderthal bludgeoning a Louis XIV chair with a stone club. So, any weirdness is my fault, and seducing me with chocolate will assist the weirdness in going away sooner.

edit …

Mostly working. I’m also changing the search engine to Fast Search, but I am lazy and can’t imagine I’ll get it finished today. So … no search.