autistic daughters at fad bar

Last night on the first floor of Fad bar, looking out of 1960s metal-framed curtain wall windows across architecture and unfolding the way it does in Hong Kong when you have no idea how far from the ground you are, it should be in a monsoon and 35 degrees but we weren’t dressed for summer. Autistic Daughters, a New Zealand-Austria trio that yeah sound a bit like Godspeed You Black Emperor! or Jewelled Antler Collective if they got together with Boris, and in the midst of turbulent percussion and string noise stopped to say, “Manu Chao, what a fucking cunt. That song … what a piece of shit”, as it filtered up the stairwell from the bar below. Sofas, sitting on the floor, more familiar people from live @ the soup kitchen. I saw an all-nighter looming and scurried home, but Autistic Daughters rocked my night.