techno…blah…ti, or the meaninglessness of social networks

A while ago, I ditched a slew of social networking vampires that had ceased to have any relevance to me. Now there is only Technorati remaining, and considering its uselessness I’m fairly sure it’s on the way out too. I like the concept of social networking, and think for a while, up until say earlier this year, the idea was working or at least was throwing up some interesting practical usage on the internet, but like everything, it got subsumed into spam, and the infernal noise of vapid negative-content that seems to overwhelm every good idea.

So, displeasure with Technorati, failure to update when it gets pinged, missing posts, missing links, not listing tagged posts under their tags, tags full of endless volumes of blog-spamorama. Do I use it to search? Only if I’m bored. Against all the MySpace bullshit (and don’t expect me to link to you if that is what constitutes your ‘web presence’), and other assorted blah-i-ness of the increasingly unusable internet, I’ve noticed, for want of a better term, flow of information has an approximate bullshit content equal say, “Great Wall visible from moon“, or “Castrated Imperial eunuch discovered Rhode Island in 1421“.

Mostly stuff comes to me from emails, mailing lists, news feeds (of which I am a preternatural whore for), following links from these, and very infrequently from dry searching, which I suspect from the outset won’t turn up much useful stuff.

So in all of this, when the relevance of Technorati to me is minimal, and its utility to anyone reading this about the same, why am I bothering? Oh, probably laziness, caused by a certain degree of redundancy in that categories already do the job within my blog, and the Technorati Tags were meant to, I guess, like … connect me to the universe … dude …

A possible solution, that would require effort from me would be to recode (:ack: :cough:) the tags so they search supernaut. This would mean I’d have to be a bit more, I dunno, thoughtful in my choice of tags, and I’d hate to dig myself a hole where I felt obliged to go back over almost a thousand entries and keyword them all proper, like. Another solution is to just delete them altogether – quicker than the time it took to expectorate this mess.

Anyway, decision probably by Sunday, and I’m thinking about opening comments back up, though considering I closed them over two years ago, hacked all the code out of Movable Type’s templates, deleted the offending cgi scripts, torched a few churches and sacrificed goats and a lamb for good measure, I dunno how easy it it to extricate myself from this particular situation.

… edit …

A sweaty evening of recoding and I think it works, but y’know, maybe I see something that works and everyone else sees blllarrrrgh! Actually it’s probably the most ill-conceived few lines of code I’ve butchered since the bad days of Flash 5, but wtf? screw you and your standards compliant escaped ampersands. (Funnily enough, I did escape it. Who’da thot?) … (oops, “alt” should be “title”)

my $keywords = "<$MTEntryKeywords$>";

if ($keywords eq "") {

print '<br />No Keywords for this post.';

} else {

my @split_keywords = split(/,/, $keywords);
my $split_keyword;
print '<br /><a href="<$MTCGIPath$><$MTSearchScript$>" title="search supernaut">Search Keywords:</a> ';
foreach $split_keyword (@split_keywords) {
print ' - <a href="<$MTCGIPath$><$MTSearchScript$>?IncludeBlogs=<$MTBlogID$>&search='.$split_keyword.'">'.$split_keyword.'</a> ';

</MTPerlScript><br />