link whoring

There isn’t an even semi-adequate system for sorting all my links to other blogs, and on top of that failure, I haven’t updated the list for months despite a great wash of new blogs who are adding to my inability to find a lucrative job. So, I’ve just spent a couple of hours going through my NetNewsWire feeds, stripping out blogs that no longer exist, haven’t updated in the last month, or just don’t hold my interest, and then slipping my favourites onto something that approximates my daily blog reading.

To varying degrees, all of these highly opinionated blogs entertain, inspire, educate, annoy me and frequently are transcendentally beautiful to read.

The new blog list, meaninglessly divided and bludgeoned for your satisfaction into a bunch of approximate and disingenuous groups exist there at all because of one salient attribute: they all have an rss feed (well, one doesn’t but meh, wtf…), and getting really basic about the whole expecting me to read a blog thing, if you don’t have a feed I’m not going to read or link to you.

And yeah, I’ve probably forgotten several blogs that should be here, so email me if you feel slighted. And yeah also there’s the whole tranny sub-category I am remiss in not including, blame it on internalised self-loathing or something, I’ll get around to that one when I actually work out what tranny blogs I actually like (besides Miss K who somehow has scored big time and is top of the whole blog roll, fuckin’ a, like).

And if you really, really want to know what I read each and every day you can download my NetNewsWire feeds, which are in the generic opml (that’s outline processor markup language to you) format and import them into whatever aggregator you like (geek note: NetNewsWire doesn’t export opml in UTF-8 though, which means any non-standard characters, like blogs that have names with Chinese characters come up as ????? yeah, I thought it was dumb too).