burning churches – the spirit of christmas

rrraaaaghgghghgghhhhh!!!! etc.

Sunday afternoon, plusplus destruction of language followed by the invention of the Hexadecimal Kickdrum (successor to the Double and Triple Kickdrums, and friend of ∞-n Kickdrum), followed by two-part harmonies of Morbid Angel (more like haaaargh!monies :snort:) … “Ghouls attack the church / Crush the holy priest”. No satanic pigeon squads of bedlam though. Cheese? Of course! (Ghouls! Attract the cheese!). Hello? Hello? GHRAGH!! Yes, afternoon tea with Emile.

So it was a big waah! moment today when Southern Lord Records said “see all our music online now!“, as in Sunn 0))), Abruptum, Urgehal (as in satanic Norwegian black metal), 80s thrash-metal crossover punks Clown Alley, Boris, Khanate, and Goatsnake! It’s like a Southern Lord compilation album free to download now. 29 tracks. Drool. Slurp. My iPod’s going to take a beating later.