sunn0))) and children killers

Feeling a little grim yesterday, I went shopping for what I hoped would be something cheerful, like a Bathory or Abruptum t-shirt, instead I ended up with an Agoraphobic Nosebleed t-shirt that says, “I’ll get you fucked up on some drug that you have never done before and totally talk shit to you” (yeah, I’m all class) and a Goatsnake cd, who in part are also Sunn0))), and sound weirdly like a valiumed Kyuss – well yeah one of them is in there too, so probably not so strange.

So I was wasting my life on the internet and discovered in quick succession: Southern Lord Records » KTL CD (featuring Stephen O’Malley) available now, Dennis Cooper and most important of all, Gisèle Vienne, who puts the Kindertotenlieder into the KTL. It really makes my night when I find someone whose idea of a good show runs something like this:

‘Kinderotenlieder’s’ setting is a combination black metal concert/funeral in the dead of winter in the middle of the Austrian woods. At the moment, we’re planning to chill the stage to a very low temperature and have lots of fake snow both falling onto and covering it. Gisele’s and Jonathan’s Austrian trip was undertaken partly to research ‘krampus,’ an ancient annual Austrian tradition centered around Salzburg where packs of men dress in elaborate demonic costumes, get shit-faced drunk, and travel from town to town physically attacking/punishing people they decide are sinners. A ‘krampus’ attack occurs in one section of our piece. Another point of the Austrian trip was to find out how the dolls Gisele uses in her work would look and perform/survive in such forbidding circumstances.

— Now in preproduction: ‘Kindertotenlieder’

or this:

Setting: Dead of winter. Remote Austrian forest. A funeral at which a Death Metal band is performing, or a concert by a Death Metal band whose stage show has a funeral motif.

Characters: Band, Lifesize Realistic Boy Doll #1, Lifesize Realistic Boy Doll #2, Ghost, Man, Krampus, The Winner, Audience.

LRBD1: How cool would it have been to live back when the wind and birds and avalanches sounded like Black Sabbath, and killing gave people these huge fucking hard-ons? You’d be so dead.

LRBD2: If death is like a million miles of this then pick up that rock over there and pretend you’re Poland in the Forties and my head is Adolf Hitler.

LRBD1: When I grow up I want to chug-a-lug a zillion beers then behead your wife and kids. What do you want to be? I mean besides my sex slave slut.

— Some monologues/dialogues from ‘Kindertotenlieder,’ part 1