shit if this is gonna’ be that kind of party

Actually it took longer than the time Rumsfeld used to announce he was bailing out of the White House to find that the Beastie Boys used that sample on Ill Communication (as in ~”I’m gonna’ stick my dick in the mashed potatos”). The last time I was actually happy about elections in the US was when Bill “don’t ask don’t tell” Clinton got into power. And promptly disappointed the pink vote. Or something.

Last night I went to sleep (plus nightmares) thankful at least the Democrats had taken the House of Representatives in a quite unequivocal damning of Bush and his cronies (who are all now trying to pass the blame onto anyone within Improvised Explosive Device range), but kinda disappointed the Senate was not going to also get turned over. So today, with the really spectacular news the Democrats got the Senate too, I really feel like pretending for a few minutes that after six years of tyranny, things are finally going to get better. I’ll be back to my usual misanthropic self shortly.

Anyway, who gives a fuck? What Australia cares about is Britney ditched K-Fed.