harisu gets married

One half of me is like, yeah cool look how progressive parts of Asia are for a transsexual to get married and not a word of outrage in the media, and I wanna say something disparaging about good old colonial Australia and the other former properties of Rex Anglorum, but there’s this sneaking aura of an upcurled lip that replies, yeah so-what-the-fuck? married just like all the other breeders and probably heading straight for suburbia, where’s the strangeness in life? If she’s announced her marriage to a fag love triangle in Brooklyn I’d be awed enough to get a tattoo of her somewhere awkward. Anyway, Harisu who I blog about way too much, is getting married. Maybe.

Transgender Star to Marry New Boyfriend

Transgender superstar Harisu will be marrying a man who is four years her junior, in a ceremony early next year, reported Nocut News Wednesday. The two houses will be introduced officially next month and if things go according to plan the two will be wed in early 2007.

Early this year the two split up, but a television show brought them back together again. The show in fact, was a KMTV show introducing another one of her boyfriend’s, a clothing store manager, who was six years her junior to the public called, “Introducing Harisu’s Boyfriend.”

Someone close to Harisu says, “It would be hard for me to say the exact date, but the two will be introducing the parents next month,” adding, “The two have promised to marry and it will happen sometime next year,” reported Nocut.

— Digital Chonsunilbo