stuff i read today

Having dragged myself out of bed at the rather late hour of 1030 and still working my way through a strong coffee that is scouring my intestines like a mouthful of Draino, I’m quite happy to announce I am vacillating in doing everything I need to do today, viz. washing, waxing legs, shopping, eating.

Starting with Language Log who has been unleashing dispassionate and comprehensive slaughter on the current pseudo-scienctific rubbish flying around the media lately on the emerging science of sex differences. This morning he is at it again with Gender myths: letting science mislead.

Back to Guangzhou: Q: Why 18,000 family members of Guangzhou subway staff get free ride? Lu Guanglin, the general manager of Guangzhou Subway Company: “That’s for anti-terror.”

North to Shanghai, where it is not a good time to be a corrupt political crony of former number 1 Jiang Zemin, or really to have anything to do with Chen Liangyu and the Shanghai Gang. China Digital Times 中国数字时代 has been covering it: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

we make money not art is at the Emergence Festival in Paris, where you can play Motor Karaoke and the loudest screamer wins, Beijing Accelerator is also there.

Finally, instead of a cute picture of a kitten after acres of severed limbs and human suffering I would be presenting in an impartial and balanced way if I was a Sunday newspaper, here is some geek humour from Popaghandi for geeks. If it doesn’t make you snort whatever you are eating up your nose, you are not a geek.