some new blogs

About a week ago I was doing something and ended up splurting “contemporary dance” Melbourne into Google Blog Search. I know, who’da thot I’d ever do something like that yah? There was a reason for it, I think, possibly a self-aggrandizing one. Anyway I ended up stumbling upon two blogs that have really made the Melbourne+Art+Blog part of my daily blog-whoring a more pleasurable and intellectually stratospheric experience. Then I realised there’s been a heap of blogs in the past couple of months that have quite fallen in love with, so as I am too lazy to update my blog-roll (to the right, down a bit – or a lot of you are feeble enough to use IE), here they are, starting with the two that are responsible for this post:

The Morning After: Performing Arts in Australia, yeah really, he reviews Contemporary Dance on a blog.

Alison Croggin’s Theatre Notes. OMG!!! she does too!

A number of blogs widening my geographical reading beyond China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been introduced to me by Global Voices Online and RConversation, both blogs I thoroughly recommend.

Ethan Zuckerman’s … My heart’s in Accra, blogging on Africa, the developing world, technology and so much stuff that just makes me want to read his entire blog.

Recently banned and recently added to my news feeds, Mahmoud’s Den cutting sarcasm from Bahrain.

Juan Cole’s Informed Comment is pretty much the war in Iraq and it’s one of the more disturbing daily reads that anyone who has an interest in Middle-East politics and American policy should read.

Getting all political and stuff, which seems to be all I read sometimes, like I have some Quaker-imbued duty to witness.

Balkanization, where water-boarding in the service of America and dunking witches in the service of the Inquisition are the same thing.

Back to China, or East Turkistan, The Opposite End of China 中国的另一端, another blog out of Xinjiang which is more of a ‘stan than a ‘guo, and has some awesome Uyghur music videos.

I did have a bunch of pornographic shemale blogs to link to also, coz I know that’s why most of you come here (around 500 searches a day for ‘shemale realdoll’, can anyone tell me why I’m getting thrashed for this lately. did I get /.ed or something?) but I think you should educate yourselves beyond the concerns of you loins.