new categories of choreography

I’ve been scratching around this evening making some new categories for here. The original and still intended idea is to have a single category for all my choreography/performances/dance stuff in which each work is a separate subcategory, but today I am too stupid to work out how to do that in Movable Type. duh!

The thought came to me when I was looking at my website with all the dance stuff,, which is hideously out of date, that most of what I do is here, but there is not an easy way to see it all without some fairly arcane search requests. The easiest thing is to give everything a category.

So, in some kind of order from most recent, being my sojourn to Adelaide, back to my trip to Guangzhou early last year are the new categories:

crush in Adelaide with Gala again and several other cool people co-choreographing with Amanda Phillips. I didn’t blog much on this but it deserves its own category.

temperance, the film I made with Gala Moody, Bonnie Paskas and filmmaker Paul Williams at the old Temperance Hall in Napier St, South Melbourne. Two late night weeks of Leibniz, Monads and dance-dance-dancing, that will be getting more attention soon.

12.min.max. at Tanzhaus Wasserwerk, that was actually the first development of hell, but I really thought it needed its own special place up the back of the bus, if not for the very fond memories I think I have of late nights in the Dachstock.

SiWiCSwiss International Choreographic Workshop in Zürich, directed by Nigel Charnock, three weeks of choreographic lunacy that is mostly responsible for the crap I am making now.

bitches 婊子, that was done in Guangzhou at Park19 on June 4th last year courtesy Australia-China Council.

edit …

It belatedly occurred to me that knowing what other projects have made it to the elevated status of their own category might be, like, a good thing, so:

apocalypse prd 岭南启示录, was my second residency at Park19 in Guangzhou again made possible by the cool folks at Australia-China Council.

hell from the start of the year with the absolutely best group of dancers and friends I’ve ever made stuff with. All the usual Baudrillard, death metal, and Cantonese Opera porn.

extermination from 2004, the first work in the cycle that includes hell and the upcoming pestilence.