leaving adelaide

Another 5am trip to the airport and now I am back in Melbourne after almost a month in Adelaide choreographing and performing crush. Unlike every project since SiWiC mid-last year, I didn’t write a daily account of the project, though I kept a lot of notes and certainly it consumed the previous four weeks. I’m intending on blogging a bit about it in the coming week as there are a bunch of photos to show off and really many special things to write about.

After two crazy shows, the first of which more of the complete start-to-finish dress rehearsal we never had, I spent yesterday hanging out with Gala driving through vineyards of McLaren Vale, eating chocolate, drinking wine and eating eating eating at Coriole Vineyard, cheese, bread, olive oil, smoked kangaroo in the gently undulating concave lens of the vale, then stung by the fresh wind and salt along Noarlunga beach. The evening we – Gala, Lisa, Adam, Alison, 芳伶 Fangling, Amanda and myself, the group of crush – continued the eating (mostly chocolate) and drinking until a very short sleep overtook me.

As we were driving through the vale, I was thinking about how lucky I am to make dance, to dance, to be with people who simply amaze and astound me; the bright glare of life I can’t easily find words to describe but against the varied backdrops hoisted like interwoven cycloramas of so many cities and landscapes are these people who I cannot imagine life without.