i shit on ya – sheik taj aldin

Someone recently said about a United States school kid who got hauled up by the FBI for sedition over a blog post with something like “Kill Bush” in it that it was just her way of expressing frustrated sentiments that she couldn’t find the words for. The implication is that once we get educated and shit, we can denounce imbeciles and pissy despots like Big W in suitably damning and eloquent libels.

Mostly I think a well-turned slander is one of the indicators of intelligent life, but for some people it’s just not worth it, and no amount of dialogue, discussion, and language niceness can hide the truth or change it that they are simply bigoted, nasty, vile, crepulous slime and while I don’t advocate capital punishment, their unending public humiliation should be something we all aspire to.

I’ve been reading several different blogs lately that all seem to have simultaneously come to the conclusion (again) that there is something seriously fucked up about a lot of men. Domestic violence, rape, abuse, mundane objectification, gay bashing, an endless compendium of taking a human, a person with a name and erasing them, turning them into shit.

What difference is there between torture, rape, genocide during a war in which the Geneva Convention makes it abundantly clear this is a crime, and the infernal background noise of sexual violence? A violence so common in the choice of victim as to be boring and un-newsworthy.

Which is to say I don’t want to listen to another rapper dissing ‘his bitches’. I don’t want to have to look at another football player trying to squirm out of another bit of fun that got out of hand. I don’t want to ever hear of Iraqi women being abducted, raped and murdered. I am so fucking sick of listening to you stupid dickheads talk about a person as an absolute alien, who is part of this vast and identical blob you feel you can make the most asinine and offensive generalisations about just because you have a cock and they don’t. If you can’t grow up and start treating people with respect, why don’t you fuck off and die.

All of which is an introduction, welcome and salaam to Sheik Taj Aldin.

Like another well-known bigot, this particularly noxious scum thinks he can always weasel out of a social faux pas of a one-liner with an apology and ‘reaching out to the community’. Mel I-hate-Jews Gibson tries this frequently after overdoing huffing on methylated spirits and it’s always rather nauseating to see how willing people are to forgive sentiments that belong in the mouths of nazis.

For Mel, no better punishment I can think up as I veer close to narcolepsy than to have the starring role in ‘Schlong Shabbat’ – a jewish fag Friday night hardcore gangbang porno, where his hole he so pompously declared was only for shitting gets a lubricated reaming by the traitors of Jesus.

As for Sheik Taj Aldin, hater of women who likens us to meat, and meat left out for the animals to feed on, your punishment – in which I hope the humiliation lingers until your death and changes you into a person who doesn’t vilify people on the spurious basis of what’s between their legs, that is to say makes you human – is to be stripped naked and basted with honey and other yummy tasting condiments and staked out in front of your mosque where the local animals, cats, possums, kangaroos, can feast on you to their delight and satiation.

Sheik Taj Aldin, I shit on you.