These four days until Sunday night I have pretty much no time to do important stuff like eat chocolate and become lardy and corpulent. Bugger. No time also, I suspect, for blogging. Boo!

We finished piecing together Temperance today, in a massive 6 hour rehearsal that bore the methodical inexorability of weeding a garden. We are all pretty bloody happy. Tomorrow, I have rehearsals with Gala for her performance The Jesuit Novice in Ossegg which thanks to my craven toadying, I now have a small part in which I am worn by a dress (shame my legs need a wax). Rehearsals followed by performance. Saturday we finish rehearsing Temperance then more performances at the National Theatre in St Kilda, and finally on Sunday most of the day will be filming Temperance in 16mm anamorphic with pornographic lenses on a trove of black and white stock.

In my new-found enjoyment of being realistic, I don’t expect to be back here till Sunday night at the earliest. Until then, please enjoy the quality, erudition, and not infrequent occurrences of genius in the blogs listed on the right.