crush – something about adelaide

We are rehearsing in a quite splendid Art Deco building, formerly a cinema now a black-box theatre somewhere on the east side of Adelaide. We are three dancers from Leigh Warren and Dancers, Gala Moody, Lisa Griffiths, and Adam Synnott, and another Adelaide dancer, Alison Currie, and Adelaide choreographer Amanda Phillips. We are also other connections and entanglings. I choreographed pirn for Chunky Move in which Lisa danced. Gala has already been in extermination, hell, and two weeks ago temperance, and Amanda, well we have shadowed each other across the world, Taipei, Guangzhou, Vienna, Zürich since 2002 when Gypsy Wood emailed us and said we should email each other.

Adelaide also is something of a city that was not unknown upon my arrival. Walking along Gudger St there is the second-hand clothes shop that once belonged to Gypsy’s mother. Nearby is the old Australian Dance Theatre buildings where Meryl Tankard, the one choreographer in the Southern hemisphere I used to want to work for had a balcony outside the studios. There is something of the feeling of familiarity that came with Zürich and Vienna from friends who had been to DanceWeb or SiWiC, and also something of the dreamy unreality that stories of days and night of life colour a place with.

So together we are making a performance over the next three weeks. I’m still unsure of how the overall conceptual structure is going to be made apparent through whatever little things I do, and whether the work sits alone as a single, separate entity or whether it’s something like an agglomeration of recent previous works, new unmade works, and a swarm of other stuff that is preoccupying me now. Nonetheless all the usual stuff I do will be leeched out and into the studio in the coming days.

Once again I’ll be trying to write most days about the process, partly so you can live vicariously through the blogging of a facetious artist, but mostly so I can try and consciously define what I am trying to do this time, and accompany that with photos of us eating and eating and eating. And Adelaide is so very very good for food.