I’m really going to blame my lack of blogging on inadvertently slipping through Guangzhou airport and finding myself in Melbourne. I’d originally planned to go directly on to Europe in July, and be an audition whore, try to get out of the habit of living in one suitcase, a circumstance that has lasted for almost four years. But contra my desire for continental sophistication was an equal urge to hang out near Antarctica, do things that have not much to do with the more, I guess apparently glamorous airport-lounging I do.

Melbourne for me is always the place I came to train, to go to VCA, and then leave. There was never any interest in living here or having some kind of lifestyle here. Arriving in winter a long time ago, to go to a ballet school that shall remain nameless, and catching a taxi to St Kilda, all I thought was, “Oh shit, it’s a country town”. Not much has changed. A few new buildings, some requisitely small-town delusions to be international, always through having the Melbourne-equaivalent of something another city has – Melbourne’s own Sydney Opera House, Melbourne’s own Paris End. Things that don’t interest me. Guangzhou has some of this inferiority in comparing itself to Hong Kong, a trait I find as unattractive there as I do here.

Unlike Guangzhou, or Europe where there is at least the fascination of the new, I’ve really lost interest in looking at art and writing about it here. Melbourne already has a surfeit of media saturating art, mostly in the form of publicist-paid advertisements masquerading as news features or magazine articles, and I don’t really have daily adventures of the Guangzhou/Zürich type here. Though my weekends have been fun. I don’t really want to be a re-blogger either, just disgorging content that washes around the internet, and I tend to veer towards that when daily real things get blah.

I feel like I am in a bit of a hiatus here, waiting to start whatever comes next, but unlike the last four years, there isn’t really a next yet, and my attention is entranced by Europe where I’ll be going back to in October. I’m also fairly distracted by my personal issues that are a) expensive and b) painful; the former not a good combination with artist, and the latter just something to be endured.

So, I’m partly incognito in Melbourne and that is carrying over to here. I feel bad for all the internet spiders and robots coming here to index pages for spam distributors with my lack of fresh content. I’ve started work on a new performance in the cycle that hell and extermination are part of and will be writing about that a bit more in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be a bit more content this month than last.