Jesuit Novice in Ossegg

A couple of nights ago, I experienced one of those profound moments in life when I realised someone I knew, who is a dear friend is really quite extraordinarily weird, and not merely commonly weird, but strange, uncanny, double-take, I’m-taken-aback odd. As I no longer have the gildered anonymity I once had when I began blogging, she will no doubt have read this by the weekend at the latest, if not over my shoulder in the next half hour.

Gala Moody, who is in Melbourne as I mentioned yesterday, as one of five choreographers for the Australian Institute of Classical Dance‘s Dance Creation 2006, was telling me about her concept for her piece and what she was reading. When I worked out who Daniel Paul Schreber was, and that Memoirs of My Nervous Illness was one of those texts that weed-like was always present in the background of Gilles Deleuze, well … that was the instant.

Along with Gala are choreographers Holly Carter, Kristy Biggs, Tanja Liedtke, Louise Deleur, and composer Kate Neal, all at the National Theatre in St Kilda on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September.