It’s been over two years and still we haven’t me. We have been in many of the same cities, Guangzhou, Taipei, Zürich, Vienna, doing the same things, SiWiC, DanceWEB, and have more mutual friends than is proper for two people whose closest contact has been Skyping, email or through other rarified electronic intermediaries. But this Friday, once I have endured another airport (how do I get to Avalon? umm … the airport?) I will be in … waah! Adeaide! and I’ll finally be meeting Amanda Phillips.

The reason for this involves Gala Moody, whom I’ve been hanging out in Melbourne with while she choreographs for Australian Institute of Classical Dance‘s Dance Creation 2006, and Lisa Griffiths whom I also enjoy bumping into in diverse cities. Ja, so having announced my retirement from choreographing in Australia after hell, I am quite enjoying … um … choreographing.

Amanda and I, along with an amazing group of dancers are making a new work, Crush for the I Hear Motion Festival in October at Golden Grove Art Centre.