asian blog awards 2006

I have no idea who nominated me for the Asian Blog Awards 2006, but I’m quite flattered; and quite amused I’m in the Best Asian BLGT Blog category. It sounds like a hamburger.

I don’t especially consider myself blgt, that is bi-lesbian-gay-transsexual (not that I’m about to get into a semantic discourse after two glasses of wine and a block of chocolate), and I’ve never thought of supernaut as a blog about these things. I write about trannys simply because that’s what I am; I write about dance because that’s what I do and as dancing has shaped me in no lesser way than being transsexual, that too is what I am; I write about Melbourne, Guangzhou, Zürich only because I’ve lived in these places – insofar as I am any nationality it is from the places I have lived.

I’m a bit confused by the implications of being placed in this category, as I have a very oblivious understanding of how I am perceived, both in the blog world and the real. Possibly though it’s not about me at all, and all about Mimi, Lady, and Harisu.

Anyway, there are lots of blogs worth checking out in all the categories, and if you really like, you can vote for me.