3030 new photography in china

A new book of contemporary art photographers from China:

3030: New Photography in China

This fully illustrated survey of 30 of China’s most exciting photographers under 30 reveals a decisive shift in the country’s artistic topography. From internationally acclaimed artists to web bloggers, their images reveal a restless and fluxionary world that is shaped as much by tradition as it is by growing affluence, pop culture, advertising and fashion – among other products of the country’s Open Policy of the 1980s. Moreover, with the advent of digital technology and the internet it is also a generation whose ability to make and publish their pictures is unprecedented. A collection of essays by leading scholars and curators from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou introduce the artists and their work.

The Photographers

Alex So 苏焊光, Li Si En 李思恩, Zao 早, Ji Wei Yu 季炜煜, Liang Yue 梁玥, Lin Zhi Peng 林志鹏, Song Tao 宋涛, Cai Wei Dong 蔡卫东, Cao Fei 曹斐, Jin Shan 金闪, Peng Yang Jun 彭杨军, Ziboy 温凌, Liu Ren 刘韧, Moon Chen 陈皎皎, Zong Ning 宗宁, Wang Yi Fei 王一飞, Chen Wei 陈维, Zhou Hongbin 周宏斌, Chi Peng 遟鵬, Xu Cheng 徐程, Liu Bo 刘波, Guo Hang 郭航, Xu Zi Yu 徐梓峪, Liu Ding 刘鼎, Huang Kui 黄奎, Yao Yi Chun 姚亦淳, Yiki Liu 刘一青, Yang Chang Hong 杨长虹, Zheng Zhi Yuan 郑知渊

The Essayists

Gu Zheng 顾铮 is professor of photography at Fudan University in Shanghai and is one of China’s leading scholars of contemporary photography. He has written articles for numerous journals and exhibition catalogues in China and was a chief curator and curatorial committee member of the 2005 Guangzhou Photo Biennial.

Ou Ning 欧宁 is an artist, author and champion of contemporary art in China. He has participated in and curated numerous exhibitions, including Get It Louder in 2005 as well as having written extensively in both Chinese and English on China’s evolving art scene.

Zhang Li 张黎 graduated from the Art History Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1992. Since then he has worked on numerous exhibition projects in Beijing and Shanghai, including the Beijing Tokyo Art Project at Dashanzi Art District (798) in 2002. He is currently setting up a centre for photography in Beijing.

Shi HanTao 施翰涛 is manager of the EpSITE photo gallery in Shanghai. He curated the new photography exhibition Selfhood in 2005 and was co-curator of Absent Minded at the Lianzhou Photo Biennale 2005.

— 3030 Press