extermination – soundscape movement fest

Darling Alexis, whom I met in Vienna in 2003 at DanceWEB has been busy in the past few days being the number-one organiser of SoundscapE Movement Fest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And darling Ivo Dimchev too, my crazy Sofian, mostly remembered for our screaming choirs in the DanceWEB apartments’ kitchen. Then there was me. No wonder I felt tired on the weekend, I’ve been in North Carolina.

Through the joy of technology and a fast net connection, two pieces of the extermination film – shot and edited by the genius Paul Williams – made it into the festival, the bikini-clad Motörhead special, and the semi-naked, blood-drenched adoration of Slayer. Alexis said, “We were all shocked and floored by the nude gravity of your work. HOt!”