粤剧 canton opera madness

A mad day of shopping for the performance, which now has a name: 岭南启示录 Apocalypse PRD. I’m not sure about the Chinese, even though Apocalypse Now uses it in translation. The PRD is for Pearl River Delta, that gets the translation in Chinese of 岭南 which is more a cultural-historic reference to Guangdong Province. Anyway, I met Fangzheng, her twin sister and Nikita, along with Emile and Paul at 市二宫 Shiergong train station for a spot of makeup shopping for the non-demonic performers, before jumping on the number 8 bus to near 人民南路 Renmin Nan Lu for the major excitement of turning Emile and Paul into Cantonese Opera immortal supernatural generals of varying mental instability. Then rehearsal, making the Cockettes/Apocalypse Now/Playboy Bunny/New York Dolls nightmare showgirl danceathon.

Then off to see the Cantonese Opera perform, more of an evening of duets than a full-length monster, but with huge cycloramas, blaring orchestra, costumes like a large dose of LSD and all the high-notes and ching-ching-ching-ching-ching, makeup, hair, platform boots, it’s glam-rock madness. The final vignette that would have sent the audience rioting like a New York Dolls gig, was from 西游记, that’s Monkey Magic if you’re from Australia.