岭南启示录 Apocalypse PRD – costume drama

We’re doing a lot of just running sections now, accruing detail and coherency through repetition, but still to finish are the 狸猫换太子 Canton Opera bit and the New York Dolls showgirl chorus-line bit, as well as slinging it all into one thing. The Caonton Opera bit has ascended to the Khanate point now, and is getting quite strange with extra-Baroque Canton Opera demonic gestures… Mostly though, the point of last night was costumes. And shoes. And makeup. And Canton Opera headdresses and weapons. Either I’m giving away too much here, or it’s going to make you want to come even more, anyway who needs publicists when you have girls and boys in bikinis and high-heels? Photos from Emile Zile who knows what horror is, in APOCALYPSE P.R.D. ///