zeroballet is dead

I was trying to send emails a couple of days ago, and found a big black hole where had been. No email no website, though I could get to it via FTP. After a couple of days thinking it was something I said, I found the company with whom the domain was registered had a) not transferred the registration when I requested in December last year, and b) decided that screwing people over for $210 a hit by letting their domain expire and snaring them in a month-long withholding period was good business.

Personally I think Melbourne IT, who are deserving of all the slander I can foment, not in the least for not having an email contact on their site, instead using a wonderful form which I’m sure sends spiteful criticisms off into byte-limbo. Any company that requires a whois search to find a semi-usable real email address should be DNSed until even a search for them on Google Cache and Wayback Machine exposes a pristine wash of zero content.

So I’m a bit sad about it, but also I never really liked zeroballet as a name. It was an asinine play on Barthes “Le Degré Zéro de L’Écriture” that noone really got and like a joke that needs to be explained … actually the only person I can recall a) getting it, and b) thinking it was worthy of an intellectual snicker was the former Artistic Director of ImPulsTanz.

I haven’t decided if I’ll wait out the month and renew it then, or just register a new name. Either way, until then email me on the email at the top of the right hand column.