supernaut is lazy (but can read…)

I’d probably be better using for all the stuff I read, but I found on top of keeping supernaut going, everything else including Flickr, Fotolog, Web2.blah was a bit too much to maintain unless I get paid to sit on my arse and read shit every day. So with the deficiency in my blogging of late, it’s probably better I don’t get involved in anything newer than copper-wire hand-cranked telephone. So, stuff I’ve been reading recently (that isn’t art, dance or tranny):

World’s discarded computers land in China’s digital scrap heap for when Emile needs a new toy.
Drag racing in China; Sanlian and FHM
Crisis point? HIV/AIDS in Thailand’s gay scene.
Is China Going Green? on China Law Blog, up to about Part VII now.
chilled to the bone, Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi on reading her own death sentence.
Make your own Ferrofluid, for when you want to make a real mess even NappiSan won’t shift.
Forgotten Tiananmen says plenty about China, or why June 6th will go the way of April 5th.
Up, Up, and Away, something about tall buildings and phallic projection…
杭州女大学生卖淫案调查 wanton Hangzhou University students whoring for … aiya! money!
The Shantou Incident more peasant disobedience and vandalism in Guangdong.
Aircraft fuselage library architecture porn.
Peng Ke Shen Me #2 Taiwan punk zine.