art art art … art

Continuing my attempt to delete all the bookmarks in my temp folder about stuff-i-wanted-to-blog-about, there’s been some art in the last couple of weeks I went, “ooooo!!!” about.

Tara Donovan‘s show in New York, with plastic cups undulating like the fresh detritus of a snow storm, and an interview too.

The photographs of Rita Nowak from one of my read-whenever-there’s-a-new-post, | la vie viennoise, on at extraterritorial in Vienna. This one struck me though I don’t really think alot of her photography, but the process of recreating – in this case – Romantic paintings (Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Triosson‘s The Burial of Atala) in new works is what I was doing in extermination and hell with Francesco Goya and Gustav Doré, and also in the stuff I’m making now.

David Levinthal, who’s on at Stellar Somerset Gallery, and does nasty things with toy soldiers. Kinda reminded me of the Chapman Brothers hell. All-round creepy Nazi-Barbie blow-up doll sex-porn toy stuff from my favourite we-make-money-not-art.