10 = marquido + itta

Before it all passes me by again and I’m still looking like an imbecile going … wuuuuh … ? this from the shining centre of the universe of Southern China music, Global Noise Online, 10 (Marqido + Itta)’s China tour 2006.5

A concert in Guangzhou, as part of electronic duo 10’s China tour.
When: 20:00, May 5, 2006
Where: Windflower (389 Huanshi Dong Rd., 50-meter west of Holiday Inn)
Artists: 10 (Marqido + Itta), Bookystorie (Justin Zhong + LIN Zhiying + Thom Chin), Ikean (Justin Zhong + LIN Zhiying + Zafka)
Entrance: 30 yuan

The show is a spin-off of Mini MIDI II, the promising offsite event of the now mundane and boring annual MIDI Festival in Beijing (check out the schedule here). This year, Mini MIDI runs from May 1 – May 4 (that’s pretty long for this kind of festival, remember Sounding Beijing 2003?), and two of the participants – Japanese laptop maverick Marqido and Korean uber-instrumentalist Itta will take a trip down to Guangzhou and Shenzhen – their first public appearance in south China after a considerable amount of exposure in Hangzhou and Beijing.

Thanks to his distinguish stage presence as an “actionist” laptop performer, Marqido already has a cult following in China. 10 is the project launched by him and Itta of Korea, October 2004. Itta plays toy synthesizer, accordion, mouth-accordion, effect pedals and other obscure ethnical instruments. The duo plans to play in ten countries.

Both Bookystorie and Ikean are components of 21floor, the free form art collective based in Guangzhou. With the contribution of filmmaker/curator Thom Chin, Bookystorie will focus on multimedia performance while Ikean will be a sheer sound art trio.

Schedule for the rest of the tour:
May 02 @ Mini MIDI II, Beijing
May 02 @ Waterland Kwanyin #46, Beijing (free concert)
May 04 @ “The Fracture of Youth”, Chilango Bookstore 澄莲阁书吧, Shenzhen. (more info)
May 07 @ “NOIShanghai Anniversary”, Yu Yin Tang 育音堂, Shanghai. (more info)
May 10 @ Duolun MoMA, Shanghai.
May 12 @ Dashanzi International Art Festival 2006, Beijing. (more info)

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— Global Noise Online