japanese font orgasm

More than lines of code in Flash, or beautiful CSS and all that elegant and hidden stuff that makes web design so ART, I have a complete stalker-infatuation for fonts. Lately I’ve been on a CSS System Font trip, using only … duh … system fonts, and getting gooey for the serif ones, like American Typewriter and Georgia, and a while ago it was bitmap fonts, my still-favourite is miniml‘s standard 07_54. But in all my glorious obsession over fonts extending to the typographic genius of Asian stuff, I’ve never found really amazing Chinese fonts, I know they exist though, coz I keep seeing them. And in my daily RSS fix, I was reading Jean Snow, and there were two posts abut Japanese signage, one from Ping Mag, handwritten Japanese fonts, and one from AIGA, How Was It For You? Is there anything better than a Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch in Japanese? Nope.