paul emmanuel. the end

It looks like a dead kangaroo to me. I know Paul was planning on inflating the viscera of farm animals with Helium and floating the newly-formed balloons over the Atlantic into the path of commercial airliners, so I guess this is one of the exalted martyrs about to levitate and become airborne.

Paul Emmanuel is showing The End in Swansea, Art. It’s almost better than porn.

Using street drop-in slogans, film sequences, soundtrack and location shoot, the end replaces movie title and end-credits in a simulation of grand narrative. With signs of hunting and community care provision, and through re-emphasis of star billing, song listings, technical crew credits and copyright logos, the end presents the mediated spectacle of movies as DIY rehab and end credit soundtrack memorial. the end is a dual screen projection of the opening and end credits of two different movie simultaneously.

Paul Emmanuel is a graduate of Goldsmiths and has shown widely in the U.K. and internationally. Most recently MOCA Los Angeles, SLY Art Taipei, Ffotogallery Cardiff, and will be working in China this spring with support from Wales Arts International. He live and works in Brecon Beacons.