linking to stuff – an ode to blogrolls

Since I started using NetNewsWire to read all my blogs, I’ve been adding feeds at the rate of a few a week, and deleting at about half that, and I was looking at my blogroll and thought, “jeez that’s really out of date”, and found several dead links, so I spent 1/2 an hour adding some of my new favourites from my daily rss dump, and made that the new daily reading list, plus a few others grabbed from other loose categories. If I could be bothered, I’d resort them using something like the Blogroll plugin, and I might just to spend a bit more time in simple code land seeing if I can make it do things I want. In the meantime, I’ve added a number of blogs that have become a part of my internet life, and I get a kick every time they write a new post, and amongst 200 other feeds, this is my daily reading.

China Digital News
The Peking Duck
chaile 拆了
diacritic | art and culture
A Glimpse of the World
Charlie’s Diary
Coming Anarchy
Lenin’s Tomb
Road to Surfdom | la vie viennoise
Cory’s Web LOG
we make money not art
{ { { { – – Sky Noise — >>>
Science Blog |
Universe Today – Space and Astronomy News
the draGnet