guangzhou art and blogs

A few days ago a friend of mine who used to work at Park19 emailed me with a link to Guangzhou artist 欧宁 Ou Ning’s blog. Actually the point of the email was the post about the art space Ou Ning is opening up (with bookshop and cafe) in the next month, 广州的新空间 – Guangzhou’s new space. The space is right in the middle of the new city in Tian He on Tiyu Xi Lu, and since Solo closed down a while ago that side of town’s been a bit slim for venues. Ou Ning’s blog is hosted by 别馆 Alternative Archive, which was founded by Ou Ning and COS Player artist 曹斐Cao Fei, between them they’re doing alot for art in the town, and I’ve been reading the news archives of their projects from end to end.