fengdu’s erased horizon

Daily reading of Diacritic, and this reminded me alot – in an almost diametrically opposite way – of the photography of Michael Wolf, and the image in Sun Tsung Leong‘s series Horizons of the once-city Fengdu in the upper part of the Three Gorges, a mostly ghost-city undulating landscape of razed apartments and streets is especially poignant, as I stood there three years ago and missed the last boat downstream, resulting in the most terrifying and hallucinogenic deep-night van ride through swamp trail roads drooling off the edges of unstable precipitous ravines, and abandoned towns inhabited by crowds with nowhere to go, the coming and going of the driver’s anonymous friends called by cell-phone into the darkness of the cabin and out into sulphur-lit brick and cement streets, this was not the Three Gorges of package tourists, now drowned in the creeping, poisonous tide of the dam’s rising waters.