siwic 2006

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than six months, you’ll know in June last year I did the slightly lunatic thing of jumping on a plane to Europe with the last of my money, money intended for a ticket from Hong Kong to Melbourne, and arrived in a city famed for its incomprehension of not being rich, all so I could spend three weeks in a workshop called SiWiC – Swiss International Coaching Project for Choregraphers. My daily excesses and slaying of dancers, and nightly promenades along the Limmat in my new-found home, all lovingly documented here were also the moment when my blogging became public knowledge by the people around me, and the subject of endless self-referential conversational loops.

So, of course I would do it all again. Except I can’t, because other choreographers deserve the chance I got, and the time is now for that. SiWiC 2006 is directed by Ginette Lauren of Montreal’s O Vertigo, and applications are open now. I’m as envious as all fuck.