hell day 4 – Hell-O)))-Ween

In which after eight hours of throwing ourselves around and at the floor, groping each other, and watching the fake prince get busted in a Cantonese Opera moment of ching-ching-ching-CRASHCRASHCRASH-blangblangblangblangblang-chini-i-i-i-i-innnnggg, we all rolled heads and quietly spasmed in an hallucinogenic microscopic plane crash for all of 15 minutes to Sunn O)))‘s genius track of grinding sludgecore, Hell-O)))-Ween.

There was a bit of studiously avoiding Botticelli on my part today, the big money-shot dance-off section to Agoraphobic Nosebleed‘s album Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope and the choicest of its 15 second songs, especially because the humidity was like swimming in a vast pool of warm lubricant. But we did shake a leg with this, and tomorrow will be entering a world of pain as we enjoy the acres of fun and skinned knees that happens when we learn each others bits and try and make dance from the wreckage.

Mainly though, it was starting something new today, and more of the same in repeating what we’d already done, and the endless improvisations that entails. The heart of the work is was in Zürich was Vampiros Lesbos/Reanimator, a kind of satanic podmaster playing with the flesh of its meat puppets (a reference there to recently read space opera, Vernor Vinge‘s A Deepness in the Sky). I’ve since re-imagined this as very much a cluster of demons possessed of a short attention span who find equal fun in turning their victims into delirious puppets, staging impromptu orgies, and generally behaving in a vile manner that should see hell as the last thing I ever get funded to make in Australia.

So to that end, we are working on a lesbian vampire/samurai yakuza/sexploitation/necrophiliac scene where the action in its entirety is directed by the somewhat formal squadron of infernal deities who move the inanimate flesh through pinching the skin and dragging Bonnie and Gab around. A bit like Mr Vampire meets Beavis and Butthead. I’ve set Luke to learn a scene from a Cantonese Opera film 貍貓換太子 – Racoon for a Prince where indecision makes heads roll. And there’s plenty more DVD’s from Guangzhou to make a work with yet. Four weeks is definitely not enough for this kind of obscenity.