HELL … 773H

We have only one week to go on the Melbourne development of hell. I think I’ve made something fairly depraved and not-very-nice. So as I usually recommend people fly all over the place to see other people’s shows, I’m going to do the same for mine. Except it’s not a show. It’s a ‘development showing’. That’s what you call something when you want to say, “I know it’s crap, but it’s not finished yet. It’s In Development.” Anyway, it’s crap like Jesus Franco’s films are crap. You either like them or you want to watch Neighbours. In the unlikely even you’re in Melbourne, and you get wet Jesus Franco, bad Japanese sexploitation movies, and the various worlds of metal of Khanate, SunnO))), and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and are partial to a bit of Jean Baudrillard with your coffee, then, … hell

Frances would like to invite you to the Melbourne development showings of hell, a death metal trip to the after-life.

Straight from a residency at Tanzhaus Wasserwerk in Zürich, Switzerland, hell has been developed at Dance Works Studios with dancers Bonnie Paskas, Gabrielle Nankivell, Gala Moody, Lilly Paskas, and Luke George, along with media artist Emile Zile, lighting designer John Dutton, and costume designer Danielle Harrison.

Two nights of Jean Baudrillard, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, SunnO))), and the best of satanic sexploitation movies from Europe and Asia.

“The closer you are to life, the more you realise you’re dead”.

development showings
Dance Works Studios
29 Macquarie St,
VIC 3181

Friday 27 & Saturday 28 January

hell has been supported by:
Arts Victoria New Work Development Grant
Moriarty’s Project
Tanzhaus Wasserwerk 12min.max.