a night at loft 345

Last night I went down to Loft345, which used to be Park19 (because it was number 19 whatever lane and opposite Xiaoguan Park) before the new Park19 near Jiangnan Hospital took the name and the first Park19 became Loft345 because it’s on the 3rd, 4th and 5th light industrial floors of an apartment block. Confused? Everyone else is, I don’t know why.

Since my first visit there in February this year, it’s become one of the coolest places to hang out in town, especially since they spent a bit of money and put a bar/gallery space/performance venue in on the 4th floor. It’s looking really established now, and I think finally Guangzhou has got a focus for its art scene.

So, last night was a bunch of films, then a DJ and I think someone’s birthday party. I left for eating stuff about 10pm right when everyone began arriving. One of the films was an intensely emotional simmering conversation between a daughter and her parents in Sichuan, a work of art about the kind of mundane family antagonism that poisons the home, made all the more disturbing when relics of the effect on the family of the Cultural Revolution. The second film, almost completely the opposite was a documentary on the slightly famous Factory 789 artist precinct in Beijing. But then I had to go and eat.