a new beginning … same old whoring

… i know i’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but i can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. i’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. and i want to help you…

Hello from my new blog which is actually my old blog with a new name supernaut.info, more of the same once I’ve finished uploading several thousand images and 700 or so old posts, which I think is going to take a while on dial-up. While you’re waiting don’t drink the water in Guangzhou.


I’m holding off for a couple of days on uploading all the old entries, which are still at www.zeroballet.info/supernaut, due to some weird stuff when I publish a post, which rewrites relative links as absolute. And because absolute links on the old blog is the reason for the delay in the first place, I don’t want to replicate ‘worst-practice’ lack-of-standards all over again.

I’m also moving everything to XHTML1.1 standards. I don’t think I have the energy to rewrite 700 entries of malformed HTML, but I will redo all of December’s posts when I get to them, and update my templates to make it a bit easier to post if the format. Anyway, enough of that, back to the regular slandering of nations and individuals.

-edit- 27 December

I’ve begun to re-upload my old entries, and am currently on May of 2004, and averaging 50 entries a day. The slowness is because being slightly prone to bouts of obsessive perfectionism, I’ve been editing the crap out of every entry. Initially, I was just changing the file paths to the images. Then, in a fit of annoyance at the crappiness of my coding methodology, I made a template of an average entry and rewrote it until it was XHML1.1 valid. Now I’m going through each entry and cleaning the code. So, I’m adding Keywords/Technorati tags to each entry, correctly formatting all the HTML (especially ditching deprecated code), making sure all the site links work, and then validating the whole thing. It was as painful and slow as it sounds, but once I worked out a process, it’s pretty fast now.

In some ways, I really wish I’d done a backup from Movable Type, instead of just relying on Ecto, even though I could just reformat an exported .plist file of all my entries to fit Movable Type’s format, which would be a couple of hours work. But there’s something in me which look at manky HTML and just feels nauseous. It could be I just need a good screw though, and China Mieville has been distracting me alot lately…

So, at the moment I’ve almost finished the first two of twenty-one months of entries, and all the images are uploaded. I’ll keep updating my progress here, and some time in January will have a new site design… so I guess that will make this supernaut3.0, or something. The old version with all the archives is still at www.zeroballet.info/supernaut.

-edit- 01 January

All the entries up till the end of October, 2004 are now up. I’ve also redesigned the handheld/mobile css so hopefully it will look alot better now on those screens than it was until now.

-edit- 31 January

I’m up to February, 2005, with the addition of everything from last year in the hell category. I’ve been very busy with the performance of hell the last couple of weeks so editing and uploading entries has been low priority. I’ll resume the upload bonanza later this week.

-edit- 20 March

So I’m fairly lazy, no? After messing about for ages and not really bothering, I’ve now uploaded to the end of June, 2005. which means about five months to go…

-edit- 25 March

With Guangzhou weather keeping me inside, I’ve uploaded to the end of August, and the remainder of December, 2005. That leaves three months minus the hell entries in November to go, about 100 more…

-edit- 25 June

Half a year later, and 676 entries have been recoded to XHTML1.1 (minus a few errors I’ll check some time) and all transferred over to here. Finished. If I ever have to do this again, I’ll stop blogging.