more stuff i’ve been reading

I’ve been really enjoying reading from blogs lately, obviously from my daily reading list, (which has since grown longer) even if they aren’t all updated every day. One thing I’m doing much more of now is following through the links and archiving the articles on my laptop, which is particularly handy for sites like New York Times and The Guardian, who like to make information inaccessible without carving up my credit card.

It’s not like I have much free time at the moment, but keeping up with all the China/Asia/stuff has become a pretty normal sometime-in-the-day activity. So here’s what the last week or so has been keeping me amused with. I’m splitting my reading into two parts, one from blogs and the other from other, more static news sources, though many of the the latter come from posts on the former, in addition to my own reading of news feeds, mailing lists, and other scraping of the internet information raclette.


China Blog List was the first place my blog got listed, and now it’s newer and better-er.
Green Dreams in Shangri-La – Thomas Friedman, yes, China could be so green.
How Much Is My Blog Worth?, calculated on the basis of the Weblogs-AOL deal is $12,984.42
The Silence of the Press, spontaneous and complete media non-coverage of Chen Kaige’s “The Promise” (无极).
Viewing protection of human rights from the events at Taishi village – Li Yinhe and Chinese sociologist Li Yinhe on rural problems look at the Chinese Sociologist’s remarks on human rights and the Taishi Village non-elections.
China faces ‘world’s worst water crisis – Reuters, and per capita water availability falls to a quarter of the world average.
Leaving the ‘Blood and Sweat Factory’, life in Guangdong 血汗工厂 sweatshops.
Globe and Mail: China Rising – “Are We Missing the Boat?” and China Rising, The Globe and Mail have a huge report on China, which is inaccessible without a credit card.
China’s Little Green Book – Thomas L. Friedman an ecologically and environmentally sound building in Beijing.

other news sources:

China’s Sexual Revolution sex sex sex, queers, trannys, getting on the game, and vibrators
Broken Pledges in Hong Kong, one ocuntry, two systems? I don’t think so.
The Brontosaurus: Monty Python’s flying creationism and Unintelligible Redesign: This is the way creationism ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. make an annihilating mockery of creationism
China Answers Bird Flu Critics, kinda like Kim Jong-il and Hans Blix in Team America.
Painful truth of the call centre cyber coolies, which is how I got through college, and it’s even suckier than the article makes out.
Our air is killing us, yes Hong Kong your air is majorly crappy (and you too, Guangzhou…).
Feast’s new face Adelaide’s Queer Arts Festival … more chicks with dicks.
一组震撼的黑镜头:都市里打工的女孩(组图), a photo essay of China’s migrant workers and street children.
Chinese scientists exchange huge research data via global high-speed net, and I just want non-stop wireless, continent-wide broadband needled straight into my cortex.
China Closes Dissident Blog Nominated for Award, part of China’s continuing crappy internet policies.
Satellite data reveals Beijing as air pollution capital of world which you can see for yourself when you fly over north-east China.
Apple adds Chinese music catalog to iTunes, wonder if I can download Pangu now.
The Chinese Shadow, reviews of Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East and China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World.
Confessions of a Dissident, how one Chinese blogger plays the game of censorship.
China’s Next Big Boom Could Be the Foul Air, can I shut up already about the air?
Dam opposition swells, this time it’s the Nu River, which will make the Three Gorges project look like scratching in the dirt.
Rural migrants to get more rights in China, which everyone is happy about.
Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China, for the firewall geek in all of us.