It’s been five months, an unexpected length of time for me to be in one place, almost long enough to say I live here, though that is just something I pretend. It’s sometimes confusing to remember where I’ve been in the last fourteen months, and when. The uncertainty of where I will be in a year is almost the same as the elusiveness of where I’ve been in the past. Zürich though has become something I was looking for; almost a home.

There are some amazing people in this town who have made my time here one of the most memorable of my life, and given me killer abs from five months solid of laughing my ass off. Emile and I spent quite a few evenings together doing the compare Australia and Suisse, and Melbourne and Zürich, and art there and art here, and besides Melbourne having one of the best live music scenes in the world, there is something going on here that is missing there. Or maybe it’s the cheese, chocolate, brot, and coffee.

Anyway at the end of a wild and unplanned time here, in a city and country I never imagined I’d visit let alone live in for a while, there’s always been that feeling of amazement, from hanging out in Vevey at the Chateau by the lake in summer or in Zürich at the Dachstock after rehearsals in winter. Which is why I’m quite sad to leave. That feeling, and the art I make when I’m somewhere that affects me like that is why I’d be really happy to spend a few years around here making bad art and hanging out every night.

So thank you to everyone who made Z-town such a rocking time, and yes, I will be back for more of the same.

As for the photo, which is from the genius of Cornelia, somehow it captures so much of Zürich for me … late nights after rehearsal, drinking beer and wine, eating cheese, bread, chocolate, watching The Mighty Boosh on a laptop hooked up to the Dachstock sound system, and laughing our guts out.