hell day 4 + 5 – no sleep till baden

Which is where Emile is about now, doing his first VJ gig in Europe/Deutschland on this trip, and was what we had very little of last night. Rehearsals the last two days have been concentrated on making something out of Botticelli’s etchings, which has been physically pretty tough, and lucky we get to pull faces and groan or it would be torture.

Bash bash bash on the floor, in a pathetic attempt to make dance. We spent Friday in Studio 3, setting up video and lights, and spacing the whole thing, which really doesn’t travel around alot. My interest in highly choreographed un-dance (which sometimes gets misinterpreted as acting, which it’s definitely not) has gone on from extermination, and is becoming something quite wierd. I’d really like to have three months just to work on some of this stuff, then another three months to make the equally enticing – for me – dance-dance.

So, over-intense colour video of planes crashing, horror movies, a soundtrack of death metal and doom-core, bikinis and of course Baudrillard. Emile is performing to as some kind of demented satan, and I’m in there too in yup, bikini.

But on to important things. After rehearsal we quickly got into drinking beer, eating bread, cheese, chocolate, snack food, drinking coffee, and making ourselves very comfortable watching The Mighty Boosh until the night was almost over. I slept very well.