hell day 2 – rosemary you suck

Our necks are a bit sore, but the early highlight of the day was getting Emile’s satanic reverse gore-wrist metal head-banging action thing happening, and going fairly mental to Agoraphobic Nosebleed again.

The next part I wanted to work on was kind of an animation of dead corpses by an inferi or demon of some sort, and had this idea of using one of the scenes from the great horror movie Rosemary’s Baby, which in the spirit of non-piracy, I’d actually gone into town and bought. Tomorrow I’ll be returning it. The best thing about piracy is that region copyright protection isn’t included, and even better, they work. I’d be happy to buy legitimate DVDs if a) some asshole wasn’t fucking with the idea of legitimate use by implementing all kinds of really anal ‘protection’ and b) the same asshole wasn’t ripping everybody off by charging $30 for what is less than 50 cents worth of labour and materials.

So Rosemary got cut. Lucky I had my favourite European horror-schlock-gore-exploitation director on hand – Jesus Franco and the delectable Vampiros Lesbos. After pretending we were sinful souls being consumed by gargantuan asps, we moved on to animating corpses, which is probably the best idea I’ve had all year. Anyway, it’s all a very serious practical expression of Jean Baudrillard’s Symbolic Exchange and Death, there’s no cheap thrills to be found here…