hell day (11) 12 – brot wine beer kasse kabab

It’s over. Saturday night was a breeze, no second night wierdness, and Sunday just went. It’s getting stranger and stranger every night, and when my finger is up Radovan’s nose, then searches for his mouth, ummm… There was even video from inside hell, courtesy a camera from Emile, so video and a new section on zeroballet will happen soon. But in the meantime, Radovan has started flogging too, which means there is now a constant self-referential blizzard of internet stuff happening from everyone in hell. In case you missed it, Emile is flogging here and blogging here, and Cornelia, from whom most of the photos of hell have come from, and who is a genius with a camera is flogging here. As for hell, more soon, but after the show was much wine drinking, pulling down of all the lights and the usual post-show clean-up followed by a sojourn to Schloss Emile for more wine, kasse, brot, and mmmm … drooling even to think about it … Turkish Kebab.