daily blog reading

I went through my blog bookmarks a couple of days ago, which now number several folders with 15 or more blogs in each. Periodically I add or delete blogs from what is now my daily reading folder, and over the course of a couple of years it’s remained fairly consistent, the first five blogs having been daily favourites for a long time. Though equally of the hundred or so blogs I’ve read on a regular basis, many are no longer updated, or not particularly what I want to read anymore, and the amount of super-intelligent blogging going on on every subject that interests me, makes me want permanent high-speed wireless access from the inside of my eyeball.

So, in addition to focussing mainly on blogs from China that attend to the socio-political spectrum, my reading currently includes most of Asia from the eastern Islands to the central -stans, and blogs outside of the whole China thing altogether, like Language Hat and uncoy.com. So for everyone who wonders what my brain eats for breakfast (and what makes me so stupid for the remainder of the day), here my current daily reading list:

The Peking Duck
China Digital Times 中国数字时代
one a day
Asia Pundit
Musing Under the Tenement Palm
Simon World
The DraGnet
uncoy.com la vie viennoise
Language Hat
Austin Arensberg


Due to too much internet time, and Emile having broadband plugged directly into his face, I’m also currently reading these on a daily basis… blogs … just like freebasing charlie …

A Glimpse of the World
Anti’s English Blog – AEB
{ { { { – – Sky Noise —>>>
All the Code you Never gave Me
we make money not art