some more stuff i’ve been reading

Serious pruning of my temporary bookmarks folder(s) is needed. The stuff on 太石村 Tai Shi Village is already out of control, and as for art … well, art art art. In the meantime, heavy reading ahead. Go on, make yourself a better person in the age of post-enlightenment.

China: Both a powerhouse and a pauper, when the third world and the first and every other world in-between and a few others screw with over-simplistic representations of nation states.
Chinese Town Loses Hyperlink to Future, internet comes and internet goes…
Forty Million Missing Girls: Land, Population Controls and Sex Imbalance in Rural China, long and dense and opens with the quote, “The dearth of girls is now more extreme in the PRC than anywhere else in the world.”
Pinter: Torture and misery in name of freedom, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature and eviscerating the ‘coalition of the willing’.
Australian Gothic, direct from Emile via Canton Zürich.
我爱摇滚乐 So Rock, which I love for the cover (from Danwei) alone.
Junk SMS is Big Business, or how to use SMS to have someone’s credit wiped out, or just plain wiped out.
China’s Monster, Second to None, more on Mao: The Unknown Story,
A Lifetime in Recovery From the Cultural Revolution, yes it completely sucked.
Online encyclopedia Wikipedia censored, somehow pissing off the Chinese PSB, but maybe Wikipedia to be unblocked this week?, and in the meantime spend minutes amusing youself with a map of the Chinese internet, kind like a lo-fi They Rule. RConversation (which really needs to become daily reading for me) covers it in China and the Internet: change goes both ways.
China to shut borders if bird flu mutates, just like SARS, it’ll follow me around the world.
Scientist who grew human ear eyes new organs, one step closer to growing me a new body.
And a kinda new blog: Austin Arensburg