mercy 45 – no sleep till hgkz

We opened Mercy 45 on Wednesday after three months of having way too much fun, and filling the Vortragsaal (or 4-track hall as Emile calls it) in the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich with plenty of white stuff then making it really dirty with umm… dirt, and black liquid, and charcoal, and more water, mud … mmm … mess… (mmm … except for lack of showers there, which means getting the crap off at the end is delayed until I’m at Emile’s).

Supposedly the reviews are out, but I avoided the papers yesterday, preferring to wander the town with a large zombie-hangover and with Dr Maggs and Paul from the mines of Wales, drinking coffee and generally enjoying the sunny day Zürich turned on for us. Three more shows then, tonight until Sunday, and I have plenty of nasty photos from the drunken after-party at chez-Emile yet to post, and more will probably be taken in the coming days.