intellectual property for the people

I’ve been reading about two books a week, and have amassed a large-ish pile during my time in Zürich. I’ve read alot of absolute crap, the top of that list goes to James Lovegrove, who simply should not be allowed to write. Almost in a tie, the (barely) redeeming points being a) set in Beijing and b) lots of teenage rocknroll angst is Beijing Doll by Chun Sue.

Books with moments of genius that I couldn’t stop thinking about to the point of distraction include Iain M. Banks’ latest, The Algebraist, a couple of William Gibson books which seem dated but reminded me why cyberpunk was so good the first time around, and John Burdett’s Krung Thep Buddhist cop with attitude Bangkok Tattoo.

Currently it’s Charles StrossAccelerando. The first few pages left me a bit numb, it seemed like a bit of a Gibson rip-off loaded with techno-cues for anyone who spends too long on the internet and is a compulsive trendspotter, but then it sucked me in. Anyway, anyone who gives away his books for free under the Creative Commons licence is pretty cool.