12min.max – hell

Continuing my playtime in Zürich, I forgot to mention Tanzhaus Wasserwerk offered me a place in 12min.max, which is on from November 11th to 13th. So there’ll be lots of fun things happening for my last month in Zürich.

Emile is still here so he’ll be doing satanic video and audio, and romping around like a despot in corpsepaint, noise from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, video from Rosemary’s Baby, and Cornelia who I danced with in Mercy45 is turning up to get into a bikini and ritually sacrifice a few babies or something…

Actually the work is two intertwined texts, the first Dante’s Inferno, and the second Jean Baudrillard’s essay on death in Symbolic Exchange and Death, then there’s a host of Chinese Door Gods and demons, and plenty of death metal, fast dancing and more of the same.

-edit- for those who like this kind of stuff, this entry is incidently the 666th post I’ve made. (all hail … etc etc …)