southern china + guangzhou rock climbing

I guess Guangzhou mustn’t be that skanky wet furnace of mugginess and hysteria inducing heat anymore, though it’s hard to know what ‘cooler’ means there. Just warm enough to shuck the flesh from your limbs in long, wet, saggy curtains. But there is one sure way of knowing it’s safe to return: the climbing season has started.

This weekend is a veritable orgy of terror for sufferers of vertigo. Saturday is an outing to Baiyun Shan, pretty much the only place to climb in Guangzhou, and has some fairly nice routes, all bolted and not too long. Sunday the man with the drill and a few others are heading up to Jiulong, two hours north of Guangzhou – think Yangshou minus the pizza and un-house-trained crowds. The plan is to put up a couple of new routes, and/or climb some of the multi-pitch sport routes on Camel Mountain, which are – from very hazy memory – four or five pitches, about 150-200 meters of 5.9-ish climbing.

Or if fiddling with gear just takes all the fun out of doing the moves, then there is a bouldering competition on, also on Sunday. Details are a bit scetchy, but be at the Guangzhou East Railway Station at 10am.

Either way, if you’re interested in climbing in Guangdong, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the people in town.